Saturday, 24 October 2020

Thank you for the interest

Happy wants to thank you, now there are 20 dragons signed up to be made! It looks promising that we can move forward to PuffyPaws for the small run.

If you are also interested you can still sign up here

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Technical details - Prototype

Manufacturer: PuffyPaws
Production years: 2019
Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 70 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Chambers: 3, body and wings,  #3 valve for the body, #2 for wings.
Construction: White painted 0.40 mm vinyl, reinforced seams on most of the body, pinched seams on ears, wings, feets, mane and tip of the tail. Inverted claws.

Winged anthro dragon with legs connected below the body.

Interesting facts:
Mane is divided into three parts going from the head down to the tip of the tail. On head and body the mane is connected to the body using oval seam, on the tail the mane is formed classically by the chamber division seam with two channels for the air going in.
Claws are pinched seams inverted to not be sharp to touch.

Production notes:
Jets made wings much bigger than on all sheets were however they fit perfectly.

The Beginning

Here I will write about background and especially the beginning of our little Anthro Happy Dragon project.

The Idea
This project started back in 2015 when there was lack of anthro dragons. The idea came simply from the need to make a dragon you can carry with you to a different situations than the pool toy one.
One day I decided to draw a basic shape and colored it with my favourite Intex Grumpy dragon colors. I posted it however, for fun I added also blank dragons hoping someone suggest me a better coloring pattern.

Magically it happened and soon after I got dragon colored as the 2005 Intex Happy.
Bright colors fits the dragon much better so we decided to continue this way.

The Name
When posting the first drawing I spent quite some time creating a name of the post. I decided to use the "Abandoned Character Play." People no more taking out my favourite old dragons on water spending nice time with them. Also collectors seems to be posting almost no pictures of them anymore. The idea of the name came from trying to bring them up with a new shape as we also became an adults since the time most of them were made.

3D Model
Having the colored picture I was already dreaming about the inflatable and wanted to prepare everything to be ready to arrange the production one day. I got not much information about the actual  process of ordering a custom toy that time. I decided to create a 3D model first to see how the dragon may look in details. It took a lot of time to finish the first and than the second 3D model a year later.
As a beginner in 3D SW you feel the limitations so the model was not perfect at all however finally there was something we could show more people or even the manufacturer.

The Manufacturer
Firstly we tried to contact Inflatable World which seems to be accepting custom projects from time to time, making one batch of multiple toys per year. My local friend helped me a lot when contacting them. However, they told us that anthro toys sells not much good and they already had them in stock.
I tried to make few toys with the you know which manufacturer however the quality of even much more simple toys was not good enough. Especially their ability to misunderstood everything and making it they completely wrong way without any possibility of adjusting the final shape without paying a lot of money again and again.
I still dreamed about Jetsonic. The very well known manufacturer that made my beloved big Nessie. Over the time it became harder to get toy made through them and people who did were telling us about the high prices it may cost to create the prototype.

When times changed a bit and the price was no longer a problem I finally decided to contact Puffy. At first it looked he's open for a small run so we tried to get people interested in this project. In few months we got about 10 dragons to be hypothetically ordered which as I expected is not enough when comparing to other recent small projects.
In the autumn 2018 I finally decided to get the prototype made even if it was just one single expensive dragon. After so many years I simple wanted to see it made.
I went through an interesting process of getting the build sheet made right before Christmas and it was nice experience. That time I realized that the 3D model in not even needed and given the length of the process I finally understood why it all takes such long and why to time spent on the details is so important.
After Christmas and the long Chinese new year holiday the dream finally started getting the shape when I was getting pictures of blank prototypes from Jetsonic.

The Prototype
The most important on the way how Puffy and Jetsonic works is that you payed for the prototyping process and especially for the little adjustments before making the actual toy. It took few months but now the actually two prototypes are made. And the result is simply amazing.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Finally our first prototype

Now our project took a new milestone due the first of our two prototypes arrived at my home while Alans one sadly stuck in the customs.
Here you see just a few impressions of the amazing dragon. The result is much better than ever expected.
Personally i like the smaller size compared to other custom toy projects, the dragon finds space like everywhere.

Also watch our Profiles on Deviantart and Furaffinity to se the newest pictures there:

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Dragon prototype

We got great news! There will be a prototype dragon made by PuffyPaws soon so we can present the real thing!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

When you start to dream...

I cleaned up the room a bit to make a possible place for our Happy to stay inflated. Now I dream about him and how it may look if he's already there.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Currently we are waiting to get the price offer from Puffy for 10 dragons to be made.